Testimonials From Our Happy Clients

I had the pleasure of working for Joni at Animal Amour, and I can vouch for her deep love for the animals and people she serves. She’s an incredibly savvy businesswoman that understands that providing superior service through work that you love is the only way to build a successful business. She was instrumental in helping me start my first business, and I still use the lessons she taught me to this day
Leah Prehn
Content & Messaging Strategist
I met Joni and the Animal Amour team for the first time in a parking lot, many years ago. My Vizsla was in the passenger seat and as we chatted about their love of pets and their business, I witnessed “truth in advertising” as I watched the magnetic connection between they and Hugo, so I took their business card. At that time, Hugo was a puppy and very happy spending time at a doggie daycare center when we were out of town; but over time, we became concerned about the anxiety he experienced if when we were away for extended time periods.

As Hugo grew older and began to slow down, we weren’t as comfortable boarding him. We didn’t want to stop traveling altogether, so I called Joni at Animal Amour.

It was “puppy love” from our first meeting. Exuberant tail-wagging for Hugo and complete peace of mind for us. Joni and her fabulous team have been life-savers for Hugo. They cook his food, give him his medications, and of course, walk and play with him just as we would. The delight shows as soon as one of Joni’s Pet Sitters come to the door—a testament to the care they give.

We recently took a trip to Italy and felt secure that Animal Amour would give Hugo the same care and attention we would have given him. We were apprised of his day-to-day adventures through texts, emails and priceless pictures of a happy Hugo frolicking with his friends. We knew we had found the right people for our doggie. And when we returned, the house and garden were just as we’d left them. Our indoor plants looked better than when we’d left! Papers and mail were picked up and notes about Hugo’s daily activities were waiting.

Getting to know Joni and her team has been a dream come true. They are honestly the next best thing to you for your pet.

Marca Singer
Newport Beach
I have a 2-year-old female English Springer Spaniel named Indy. She is absolutely my pride and joy. I recently took a job that I love, but it required me to travel, and I had reservations about leaving my baby. My first business trip, I left Indy with a friend thinking she would be fine. Upon my return, Indy seemed very stressed, upset and was not feeling well. Before I decided to change jobs, I searched the web and found Animal Amour. I figured that if I kept Indy in her home, with her belongings and had someone come visit and play with her throughout the day, that would be better than taking her somewhere unfamiliar. I am extremely happy I found Animal Amour (and so is Indy).

Indy and Animal Amour’s founder Joni hit it off immediately. I could tell from day one, that Joni was a dependable, conscientious and caring animal lover. On my next business trip, I hired Animal Amour to visit and walk Indy three times each day. Although I worried while I was away, when I returned, I realized that I had no need to. Indy was very happy and healthy and seemed to behave as if I had just gone to the grocery store.

Animal Amour’s Pet Sitters keep a journal of Indy’s activities each day. This gives me piece of mind, knowing when Indy’s eating, when she is going potty and how her behavior and disposition is each day. I love to return home from my trips to my very happy, healthy dog and read about how her days were filled with fun and love while I was gone.

I highly recommend Animal Amour to anyone that stresses or worries about leaving their pets.

Laura + Indy