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27 Apr, 2015


Love and care translate to us into; reliability, dependability, flexibility and an attitude that our kids (dogs) are as important to Animal Amour as they are to us as a family. We have complete, unwavering trust in Animal Amour, not only with our kids, but our home as well. Our schedules changes constantly and include […]

27 Apr, 2015


I have a 2 year old female, English Springer Spaniel named Indy. She is absolutely my pride and joy. I recently took a job that I love very much but it required me to travel and I had a lot of reservations about leaving my baby. My first business trip, I left Indy with a […]

27 Apr, 2015


I met Joni and Kelly for the first time in a parking lot, many years ago. My Vizsla was in the passenger seat with the window down, and as we chatted about their love of pets and Animal Amour, I witnessed “truth in advertising” watching the magnetic connection between them and Hugo. I took their […]