Life of a Pet Sitter

23 Jul, 2015

Life of a Pet Sitter

Driving with the windows down, feeling the summer breeze, and knowing I’m on my way to visit an awesome animal; life could not get any better! I sometimes feel like I have stumbled upon the holy grail of all jobs. Being a pet sitter/ dog walker I am truly lucky to constantly feel like I just had the best week ever. However, this week seemed to have been dedicated to the lovely yet massive dog breads. One was a Great Dane named Dior and the other was a Giant Schnauzer named Finn.

These dog’s stature give them a very majestic, strong and sometimes intimidating appeal.  Having a large dog like these two is definitely rewarding. My favorite reasons are that I don’t have to bend down to pet them and I always feel safe!

Great Danes may be intimidating to some, but they have one of the easiest temperaments around people. They are very compassionate and will return the love.  Giant Schnauzers like Finn are energetic, and extremely smart dogs. They are very easy to train but they need to be constantly stimulated both mentally and physically. They both absolutely love to be around their owners and people constantly, so make sure you give them lots of love!

This week I had some great big, sloppy, wet kisses from Finn and some fun playtime with Dior. My tip this week with large, strong, dogs like these two is how to prevent an aggressive situation. Pro-Active. Always, have your dog’s best intention in mind and prevent them from anything that would put them bad scenario. Be one step ahead of them.

The life of a pet sitter is always spectacular because you get to love some of the smallest animals and some of the largest! To see more pictures of our animal family visit our Instagram and Facebook.

If pets are your passion…make them your business!

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