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About Joni

Joni started Animal Amour in 2001 after searching endlessly for a great pet sitter for her kitties. After interviewing many sitters, it was clear that there was a need out there, and who better to fill that role than someone who loves animals so much! She has previous management experience and also worked at a vet. Her knowledge of animal behavior and her love for creatures of all kind blended purrfectly into this industry, and her business bloomed over the years. Soon she was able to bring on a team of qualified and exceptional sitters.

“Pets really are my passion! How wonderful it is to work at what you love. That is why I started Animal Amour. My background includes working for veterinary hospitals and I realized that some pets just don’t respond well to boarding. I wanted to be a solution to help our companions and ease their stress. Pet parents really do see a difference; for example their cats do well staying in the same environment because they notice every detail of their home and check it closely. Dogs love their territory too and feel safe at home and keeping a routine.”