I met Joni and Kelly for the first time in a parking lot, many years ago. My Vizsla was in the passenger seat with the window down, and as we chatted about their love of pets and Animal Amour, I witnessed “truth in advertising” watching the magnetic connection between them and Hugo. I took their business card and left. At that time, Hugo was a puppy and very happy spending time at a doggie daycare center when we were out of town. He had wonderful care, but over time, we became concerned about the anxiety he might experience if we were away very long, Consequently, we only planned short trips.

As Hugo got older and slowed down a bit, he was happier with less running and fetching and more love and affection. Because of that, we weren’t as comfortable boarding him. We didn’t want to stop traveling altogether, but family weren’t always available to stay with him. When I realized my only alternative was to begin interviewing pet sitters, I remembered Joni. I still had her business card from almost ten years earlier and the memory of her face-to-face interaction with Hugo so long ago was etched in my mind.

It was “puppy love” from our first meeting. Exuberant tail-wagging for Hugo and complete peace of mind for us. Joni and her fabulous team have been life-savers.They’ve been there for Hugo several times a day when we couldn’t be home during the week and he has been in their loving care during our extended vacations. Joni has cooked his food, given him medication, walked and played with him just as we would. The delight he shows when she or Angela come to the door is a testament to their great relationship and love they share.

When we recently took a trip to Italy, we felt secure in the knowledge that Hugo was getting the same care and attention we would have given him. We were apprised of his day-to-day adventures through texts, emails and priceless pictures of a happy Hugo frolicking with Justine which confirmed what we already knew. We found the right people for our doggie.

When we returned, the house and garden were just as we left them. Our indoor plants were watered and looked better than when we left. Papers and mail were picked up and notes about Hugo’s daily activities were waiting.

Getting to know Joni and her team has been a dream come true. They are honestly the next best thing to you for your precious pet.

Marca Singer
Newport Beach

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